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 Hi Everyone, I have a new brand !

You can find my latest prints, t-shirts and other products here:


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Im so excited to announce my first ever print publication, ‘A Sequence of Witches’, releasing next week with Von Zos in New York !   http://www.landofzos.com/

For the fresh news and works please follow my instagram ^^

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April 29, 2017 >> Thanks Juxtapoz   https://www.juxtapoz.com/tag/elif-varol-ergen/


Witch Mom’ 27x37cm, Fineart Print, cnc cut, 2016. Curated exhibition by Ray Caesar at Gallery House, Toronto.


‘The Apocalyptic Woman’, 50x50cm, Screen Print 2017,  for the ‘Iconz’ exhibition by KRÜW at Mamut Art Project, Istanbul. Reimagined from Albrecht Dürer’s book of revelation.


‘Memento Mori’, 55x65cm, digital drawing, cnc cut, 2016.

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